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8:30 - 4:30
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Street Smart post-campaign survey

The Street Smart campaign in Bernardsville is officially complete. Thank you for all your help in making sure this campaign ran smoothly!

RideWise is now working on the post-campaign activities, promoting the survey and planning our post-campaign observations. We're tentatively going to be observing Five Corners on Wednesday from 1:30-3:30 pm, but that depends on the weather and whether or not it will rain. If it does rain, we'll move the observations to next week.

The post-campaign survey is now live, in English and in Spanish. It's the same survey as the pre-campaign, but we run it again to see if people's answers changed as a result of the campaign. Please share and promote this survey throughout Bernardsville and with your contacts, and remind people that if they already took it in September, to please take it again as it is a comparison survey.

  *   English: https://forms.gle/b3FMnFXXseDf8zpw8
  *   Spanish: https://forms.gle/mZSy2QPCMhZNjdRcA