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pdf Bernardsville Household Cleanup days 2024
pdf Bernardsville Stormwater Control Ordinance (SCO)
pdf Bernardsville Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP)
pdf Bernardsville Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
pdf Containerized yard waste
pdf Driveway Snowplowing Regulations
pdf Electronics Recycling 2024
pdf Fertilizer
pdf fertilizer and lawn treatment schedule 2023.pdf
pdf Homeowner's Maintenance Manual - Drywell
pdf Illicit storm sewer connections
pdf Improper disposal of waste
pdf Leaf Collection Map
pdf Litter control
pdf Map: Resurfaced since 2014 and planned resurfacing in 2022
pdf Ordinance No. 10-1560
pdf Pet waste
pdf Private Storm Drain Retrofit
pdf Privately Owned Salt Storage
pdf Refuse Containers and Dumpsters
pdf Residential Leaf Collection
pdf Road Map - road resurfacing through 2023
pdf Road Survey Ranking 2024
document Stormwater Management: Inspection and Maintenance Log for Minor Projects (Drywell)
pdf Street Opening Moratorium
pdf Street Opening Moratorium Ordinance #2020-1841
pdf Street Opening Moratorium Schedule
pdf Street Opening Permit
pdf Styrofoam Recycling Flyer
pdf Tree Removal and Replacement
pdf Wildlife feeding
pdf Yard waste collection program