Monday - Friday
8:30 - 4:30
166 Mine Brook Rd

Field Lighting Simulation - Polo Grounds


As many of you are aware, the Mayor and Council are planning improvements to the turf field at the Polo Grounds. These improvements include lighting for the turf field and the parking lot area. For residents' information, a test will be performed to demonstrate how tall the lights would be. In order to accomplish this in a way that would be convenient for the most residents, we have arranged for a bucket truck to be parked near the field from 6 pm on May 2nd to 6 am on May 3rd. The bucket will be raised to 70 feet in the air so that residents can visualize the height of the proposed lights. Although there will not be a light on the truck overnight, this should allow residents to see the top of the truck at least until sundown at 7:55 and just before sunrise the next day. Please note that even if you are able to see the truck from your home, the lights are designed to precisely light the fields for player safety and with no spillage effect on the surrounding neighbors.